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Professional Services for Children with Special Needs

We are committed to helping families in identifying the needs of their children with learning disabilities and helping them out through the process. We provide various services to ensure that the children receive the proper care and treatment they deserve.

Assessment Guide

As a parent, you may not be sure that your young child’s behaviors, language, or learning is developmentally on target. You need confirmation if your children are meeting their developmental milestones or not.

Does your child need an assessment? If you have concerns about your preschooler’s development, consider the indicators below that an assessment may be recommended for your child:

  • Doesn’t follow simple directions or routines
  • Doesn’t want to play with other children or with toys
  • Loses skills he/she once had
  • Extremely overactive, can’t be still, distracted
  • Difficulty remembering letters, numbers or colors
  • Speaking at a later age compared to other children his/her age
  • Intentionally bumps or crashes into people/object, falls down a lot
  • Difficulty transitioning to different activities

Learn More

Follow our updates if you want to expand your knowledge on special needs services available to you. Our phone consultations also include a custom-designed presentation containing the best action plan and reputable referrals to assist with providing additional care for your child.

A Mom’s Testimony About the Benefits of Early Identification

A real life story about the importance of early identification and early intervention for young children with a happy ending

“Most parents will agree that parenthood, being a Mommy and a Daddy, is full of ups and downs, happiness and sorrow and successes and failures. As parents we can be ecstatic for one child and heartbroken for her sibling all in the same day. Often, the circumstances of our children’s lives are beyond our control. They can be driven by school events, classmates and friends and even health issues. Sometimes we feel helpless to “make it all better”. Even worse, sometimes we feel that our child is in a hopeless situation. So, what does this have to do with learning disabilities, behavioral concerns, social skills problems and developmental delays? The answer is EVERYTHING!

I want to share a story of hopelessness with you that a mom of a son who has a learning disability shared with me. She so touched my heart that I have to relay her story to you. But, don’t be discouraged and keep reading because this story is one of courage and strength. There is a happy ending!

As I was speaking to a mom about the importance of early identification for children who may have a learning disability, another mom joined in. She stated that early identification followed by early intervention saved her son’s life. Dramatic, you may say. Read on.

My wise Italian Mama told me when my own children were very young, “Little children, little problems. Big children, big problems.” This wisdom applies to children with learning disabilities who are not identified early and do not receive intervention. Let’s return to my new friend’s story. This mom went on to say that had it not been for early identification and intervention, her son would be in prison right now.

Because of his social identity he was not able to connect with well-adjusted, “normal” kids. Instead he connected with the kind of friends who became socially unproductive. All but him wound up in prison. But for his parents courage to make the difficult choices, stay involved, advocate for their son, and provide him with the ongoing interventions he needed, they literally saved his life.

“The licensed counselor at the therapeutic boarding school really helped my son get focused on the goal of graduating from high school. My son’s friends have gone to jail and some have gone through drug rehabilitation. Many of his friends in high school were from good homes, but because of their learning disabilities and feelings of being outside the norm, many turned to addictive behaviors. I’ve observed these kids find each other,” explains the mom.
Now go back to when this child was a little three-year-old boy. Could these parents have ever imagined their son’s future would include a therapeutic boarding school, various socially irresponsible behaviors, friends who engaged in illegal activities? Never, never, never.

I am sharing this story today because this family’s journey of courage and love for their son touched my heart. It is a testimony to the benefit of early identification and intervention. As a mother and a professional, I would encourage you to take the first step and contact me at The Ollena Center if you are wondering if your young child may benefit from early identification and intervention services. We understand and we want to help.”