Identification. Intervention. Success.

Trustworthy Consulting for Children with Learning Disabilities

The Ollena Center is a comprehensive service that works with special needs children in various environments and teaches them different life skills. Our team takes pride in being respectful and understanding with every family, tailoring every consultation accordingly to provide the best solution.

Why We Want
to Help

Special needs families can feel overwhelmed by the weight of a new diagnosis. This is why it is paramount that we create the most comfortable atmosphere. Our services also come with a positive approach, tender love, and care.

Why Choose Us

There are no other consulting services that offer the same comprehensive care we provide. We also ensure that we always provide services with compassion, understanding, and patience. To make every client comfortable, we promote acceptance and diversity for all children.

and Referrals

We have accumulated an extensive network of attorneys, therapists, counselors, doctors, teachers, and other professionals to ensure that the child's care is thoroughly maintained. Our network of referrals has all been handpicked based on a high standard of quality and commitment.

Who We Are

How We Started

Donna Anello, a compassionate entrepreneur, established the Ollena Center in 2015. Our mission is to serve families and schools in the Atlanta area by providing observation and assessment services for preschool age children.

Our team identifies developmental delays, disabilities, and concerning social behaviors that are most successfully addressed at this age. We assist the families and schools by connecting them to community resources available to provide a diagnosis and intervention if needed.

About Our Founder

Donna saw many families become discouraged and frustrated in trying to locate appropriate resources to meet their child’s needs. Recommended assistance encompassed both private resources and those available through the county of residence.

These resources included the identification of practitioners who could provide a competent diagnosis and options for therapies. There are also treatments available within the parents’ healthcare insurance parameters which are accessible to them.

Meeting the Needs of Families

The very first step to early intervention lies in the accuracy of the initial observations and assessments. Donna formed our company to meet the needs of parents who are concerned that their child may have developmental or learning delays, may not be meeting developmental milestones, or is exhibiting behaviors that are concerning.

Information is collected through accurate observations and assessment tools that help us connect parents to the best professionals for the diagnosis of their child and implementation of therapies and strategies to set their child on a path to healthy development and educational success.