Identification. Intervention. Success.

Assisting Children With Learning Disabilities

The Ollena Center helps children with learning disabilities by teaching them vital academic, social, and life skills. We also help their families through education, awareness, and consultation. To make sure every child’s needs are met, we approach them with sensitivity and utmost care. It has also been our mission to instill independence within all students that we work with so that they can thrive on their own.

The Importance of Identification
and Intervention

We believe that identifying potential learning disabilities and intervening early on is paramount in ensuring quality development. Early prevention has been proven to make a big difference in their ability to reach their full potential.

According to research, it is also important to assess children for developmental delays during preschool years. Children who don't reach developmental milestones may need extra support and services.

How We Can Help

Through our services, we can help you identify your child's needs. We can also assist you in finding high-quality services to change their developmental trajectory from the earliest years.

Get Started

Please contact us to arrange a 10-minute conversation before paying for a consultation. It is important that we discuss your child’s specific concern to determine how we can best assist you.